Why on a sailing boat

The sea is your mirror: you contemplate your soul in the infinite turning of its waves.
- Charles Baudelaire -

If you are thinking that a boat trip is right for you, know that the benefits of a sailing holiday are many:

Slow down to listen

Traveling by taking advantage of the winds and currents. This means that you have to know how to slow down, wait for the right wind and seize the moment. Sailing is a good exercise to work on patience and tune in to the frequencies of the nature around us.

Full of vitamins

On a sailing holiday, having found the ideal mooring, lying down at the bow to sunbathe is one of the most relaxing moments to reach the daily dose of vitamin D that is produced by exposing yourself to sunlight, always remembering the appropriate protection.

The sailing boat is not expensive

Let's dispel the myth that a sailing holiday is synonymous with luxury, within the reach of a few. This is not the case, in fact if you decide to rent a sailboat, once you have paid the rental costs, dividing them for example between a group of friends, only the expenses of the galley and fuel will remain to be used in the absence of wind.

Travel eco-friendly

A sailing holiday is the most ecological way to travel. Travelers will avoid polluting for no reason, connecting with the wonder of the crystal clear sea and unspoiled nature, often in the company of numerous dolphins who will dance around the boat. Navigate in silence and become aware of the fragility of our ecosystem. The philosophy on board our boat is to avoid single-use plastic products, do separate waste collection and a wise and conscious use of resources such as water and electricity.

Stile di vita sano

La barca a vela è a tutti gli effetti uno sport completo che vi aiuterà a praticare del sano movimento. La vela vi indurrà ad adottare uno stile di vita salutare. Potrete partecipare alle manovre necessarie, oltre a praticare nuoto e fare immersioni tra le meraviglie dei fondali marini.

Vacation that improves mood

Facing the sea, happiness is a simple idea.
(Jean-Claude Izzo)

The environment and sea life help you relax. This does not mean not giving importance to the wonders that surround us, but rather it means learning to give them the right importance, surrounded by the infinite expanse of the sea that helps to get rid of all thoughts and allows you to turn your attention to yourself, to whom travel with us and on the wonders that surround us. According to the Italian Society of Psychology, sea and wind fight stress, depression and anxieties related to everyday life to the point that boating has become a real cure called "Velaterapia".

Healthy lifestyle

Sailing is in effect a complete sport that will help you practice healthy movement. Sailing will induce you to adopt a healthy lifestyle. You can participate in the necessary manoeuvres, as well as practice swimming and diving among the wonders of the seabed.

Sea water is good for you

On a sailing boat, you can choose the most isolated moorings, with the possibility of finding yourself in real corners of paradise isolated from everything, where the water is of an indescribably magical colour. Sea water has various beneficial effects, including a soothing action against skin impurities, improving circulation.

Discipline, mind and body

On a sailing boat, group dynamics are fundamental, like a miniature company, but on vacation. So the adventure evoked by going to sea is accompanied by the responsibility of every traveller, careful to keep himself and others safe, to stay in his own role and respect the roles of others and above all the precise rules to follow on the boat according to the instructions of the commander. The small spaces allow you to work on certain qualities such as adapting and listening to the needs of others. The activity on board gives us a feeling of special satisfaction. Emotions are managed and natural elements are managed to exploit them to one's advantage. Without realizing it you will do a sort of therapeutic work that will enhance the personality, favouring personal growth, especially of the children. For children and adolescents it can become an experience of autonomy and play as an opportunity for growth.

Change perspective

Sailing on a sailboat changes the perspective from which you discover the locations on the mainland, with the possibility of exploring little-known and unspoiled destinations. Farewell to crowded and noisy beaches, true relaxation is welcome! During a boat trip, depending on the location, you can come across birds, fish, turtles and above all dolphins. These wonderful animals, more than others, are known for the emotions they arouse and for the almost human connotation that is often attributed to them, probably for their extraordinary intelligence, for the "smiling" face, for their playful attitude and for the remarkable sensitivity and communication skills. On board you can experience the indescribable thrill of holding the helm, hearing the wind blowing in the sails and listening to the rustle of the water on the hull. They will be new sensations that you will experience only if you decide to spend your holiday on a sailing boat!



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