If the sound of the sea overpowers that of your thoughts, you are in the right place.


If you haven’t done so yet, change the idea of your vacation.

The sailboat is a love that has accompanied man since the dawn of time. Cleopatra’s royal spear is said to travel on purple silk sails. This millennial link between man and the sea starts from the first rafts, passing from the Egyptian galleys and the impressive sailing ships that accompanied the great explorations, up to the very modern racing boats perfected with sophisticated technological equipment.

The sailboat has always been an ally of the man who ventures on the sea, what are you waiting for to become part of history?


Rent a cabin on Oceanis 41.1 Sibyl of “Sunset Charter”, the cruise with the best service at the best price!

For those who love to sail in complete tranquillity without sacrificing comfort. Our personalized customer service will be able to help you organize the cruise according to your budget, your experience and your wishes, with various destinations.

Book and set sail for an unforgettable holiday, we’ll take care of the rest!


That sea, dreamed of so much, experienced and savored in the August calm that smells of salt and sirocco, that sea that you can paint on the canvas of your journey with all the colors and shapes that you will be able to capture thanks to your photographs from which you will never separate again.
An infinite blue bed where you can dwell, be shipwrecked and re-emerge among the brilliant silvery ripples kissed by the sun and rhythmic by the wind.




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